Tiny lion cub stumbles out. Now try not to smile when you hear the sound it makes

Cats have widely been regarded as some of the best pets to keep in your home for many, many years now. They used to serve a much nobler purpose as mice hunters, some today still do. Luckily that’s one trait domestication didn’t remove from them! Because of that ever-growing love for the furry little nocturnal creatures we’ve also gained a love for their much larger counterparts. Unfortunately there are many large cats out there in danger of losing their natural habitats due to human intervention. Even if you completely disregard climate change as though it weren’t fact, humans stretching deeper and deeper into the rainforests and jungles for wood has on more than one occasion taken homes and territories from these animals.

Fortunately there are animals rights groups doing everything they can to prevent the extinction of the world’s big cats by saving those lands, but it’s not the most expedient process. In the meantime we’ve built sanctuaries where people all over the globe can visit to actually meet these creatures face to face. One particular sanctuary is now home to a little baby lion, one that’s still trying to find his voice in the world. His little cries are some of the most adorable sounds you’ll ever hear, and he is quite the little chatterbox!

Eventually this little cub will grow up to be a big lion with full mastery over his vocal chords and it’ll bellow roars 25 times louder than the scream of a lawnmower! For now, these little chirping sounds just mean he’s working his way there. Didn’t I tell you it was adorable?