This Is The Science Behind Why Some People Love Animals And Others Couldn’t Care Less

There are some of us who love animals and having pets. Some of us have them, while others beg their parents to get them. Then there are those who absolutely couldn’t care less for animals and having a pet is something they don’t even think twice about.

But let’s be real, having a dog or a cat or both is pretty popular. In fact, according to the Independent, about half of the households in Britain alone include some kind of pet. Roughly 10 million of those are dogs, and cats make up another 10 million.

Though they cost a ton of time and money, pets remained almost unaffected by the 2008 financial crisis. This shows that having a pet is not a luxury but rather it’s more about being an important part of the family and being loved by the people around them.

So why are some people so into pets while others are just not interested? According to Independent, it might have something to do with genetics.

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According to author John Bradshaw, many believe that having a dog (or sometimes a cat) has a ton of health benefits. People have the idea that dogs can help alleviate depression, reduce the risk of heart disease and combat loneliness.
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But Bradshaw believes that this isn’t exactly the case. In fact, there have been studies done that show that people who have pets don’t live any longer than those who do not.
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So why do some love them while others don’t care for them? Bradshaw says it has something to do with families. Kids have the desire to imitate their parents’ lifestyles when they leave home.