I Recreated Illustrations Of Old Magnificent Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Hello, I’m Yliade, a french freelance illustrator.

Drawing and creating have always been a large part of my life from a very early age. This year, I challenged myself to draw several Pantheons in my own style.

I really enjoy working on the design of each god while trying to respect their attributes and symbolism. So, here is the first series about some Old Egyptian gods, I hope you’ll like it !

More info: deviantart.com


#1 Bastet – Goddess Of Domesticity, Women’s Secrets, Cats And Fertility

#2 Nut – Goddess Of The Night-Time Sky And All Heavenly Bodies

#3 Serqet – Goddess Of Scorpions, Healing Venomous Stings And Bites

#4 Isis – Goddess Of Magic, Marriage, Healing And Protection

#5 Anubis – God Of Death, Embalming, Funerals And Morning Ceremonies

#6 Seth – God Of Chaos, Change, Deserts, Storms And Foreigners

#7 Thoth – Scribe God Of Time, Knowledge, The Moon And Wisdom

#8 Sekhmet – Goddess Of Lions, Fire And Vengeance

#9 Sobek – Crocodile God Of The Nile, Strenght And Power

#10 Anubis – God Of Death (Ii)

#11 Ra – God Of The Sun And Creation