People Are Laughing At The Way This Cat Reacts To Being Allowed On The Balcony For The First Time

If you ever need a cat actor, the 4-year-old Nuka here might make awesome scenes. Cats are known to be very expressive, but Nuka just took it to another level. In a recent post by his owner, Essi, Nuka is shown to be overwhelmed with emotions as he was allowed on the balcony for the first time.

“He has never been an outdoors cat and even if it would be an option here, he’s literally terrified of everything. He’s a scaredy-cat” explained Essi.

That makes the balcony an ideal place to let Nuka experience the outside world while remain safe and able to retreat immediately. “As long as I am with him on the balcony he’s fine,” Essi said, “He’s curious and interested about birds […], but doesn’t seem to want to hunt them. He just sits and watches.”

Some suggested that Nuka’s derpy expression might be caused by a medical condition, but Essi ensured that she had a vet seen him and he’s fine. “He has trouble with his motoric skills like jumping. He runs into walls a lot, [but] they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He’s living a normal kitty life and is a happy derp” the owner elaborated.

And don’t worry about the kitty jumping out, Essi reassured that “the apartment complex I live in is going to have balcony windows installed”. Now scroll down and see the expressive kitty’s faces yourself! Now without further ado, scroll down and see the expressive kitty yourself!

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