This is The One Important Test Your Doctor isn’t Doing That Could Save Your Life Someday

Besides the entertainment, we are always on the lookout to provide you with valuable health information that exists on the internet. There is never enough information that can help control diabetes being a silent killer because of the related health conditions associated with it, the worst being kidney failure. As per the CDC (center for disease and prevention) more than 100 million people live with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

1 It isn’t sugar that directly causes diabetes it is problems and disbalance in insulin

Now in case you didn’t know, lack of insulin leads to the dysfunctional metabolism of sugar into cells of the body leading to type 2 diabetes. However, insulin resistance also leads to the condition of diabetes where the cells in your body stop responding to insulin which helps cells absorb sugar or glucose for energy or storage as fat. It is this condition that besides causing type 2 diabetes also leads to prediabetes and gestational diabetes.

2 Doctors concern themselves more in checking your blood sugar

Doctors concern themselves more with tests to diagnose your sugar levels in fasting and post fasting state but by that time, your sugar levels have already spiked. What about the condition in your body involving dysfunctional insulin resistance that starts much before leading up to the problem of high blood sugar? This can be checked too?? Did you know that? But first, read how insulin resistance happens.

3 So when does Insulin resistance start?

According to Doctor Mark Hyman who writes in his own blog Insulin resistance isn’t a condition that occurs in a day. It builds up gradually. This happens because of worldwide diets of people depending more on a carb rich diet that includes potatoes, pastas, white rice, white bread, sugars, and liquid calories from sugary drinks. This places more pressure on your insulin to work overtime where your body’s demand for insulin increases to keep sugar in check. Ultimately, your cells start becoming resistant to insulin effect on them leading to insulin resistance.

4 What happens in insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance has a negative impact on your body increasing aging and faster deterioration. Insulin resistance is one of the worst and probably the biggest culprit that causes aging prematurely and invites the risk of associated diseases like heart problems. Stroke, dementia, cancer and ultimately diabetes and kidney failure. One also experiences food cravings, inflammation, high blood pressure, blood clot problems and the like.

5 Insulin misbalance causes several problems

As your insulin levels increase, the insulin resistance also increases. Soon your triglycerides increase, obesity sets in and post-meal fatigue. Your good cholesterol (HDL) goes down too increasing bad cholesterol. However what may now seem surprising to you is that if you are made aware of these conditions in time, you can reverse all these problems with changes in lifestyle and diet.

6 You can detect your risk of diabetes years before it happens

Whoever told you that kidney failure and diabetes are detected when it’s too late should be made to read this. There is a precursor and start point to everything. What is unfortunate is that doctors do not prescribe the one test that reveals increases levels of insulin. They are more concerned when your blood sugar goes too high.

7 The one test that can save you from diabetes

What may sound even more startling is the fact that even if you don’t experience these warning signs, an insulin resistance test can help you detect increased levels of insulin much before prediabetes or diabetes sets in. By gaining information about your insulin levels, you can do a lot to get your body back on track again, yet very rarely will a doctor ask you to take a blood test to find out high levels of insulin.

8 So why do doctors do that? Why do they miss out on such important signals of insulin resistance?

This is an important question. Most doctors feel it isn’t a cause for concern as long as your fasting blood sugar levels are below 100mg/dl. Once it increases beyond this point. They start monitoring it and if by chance your blood sugar fasting level reaches 125 or 226mg/dl, you may be diagnosed with diabetes and start medication.

9 Blood sugar is the last to increase in the body

Blood sugar increases last in the body. It is the problem with insulin, the lack of it, or insulin resistance that results in increased levels of sugar. Thus, what happens here is that a fasting blood sugar test that detects diabetes is too late because the person has already acquired diabetes. It is insulin that increases first and which can happen years before diabetes even develops so now you know why the title, the one test that can save your life. It has its meaning literally.

10 The 2 hour glucose and insulin test

The test for insulin levels is a two hour glucose tolerance test that measures levels of sugar in the blood as well as insulin. But the problem is that doctors don’t even prescribe it. It is insulin resistance that causes many chronic diseases and despite that many who have it aren’t even diagnosed all because of one test that could change their lives for the better.