Meet Garfi, The World’s Angriest Cat

If Tardar Sauce (better known as Grumpy Cat) is grumpy, then Garfi the Persian cat is something closer to “angry” or “plotting to murder you.” Imagine waking up to that stony glare at 2AM with him sitting on your chest. Creepy, huh?

This is Garfi, the cat you shouldn’t mess with. We do not know how he looked when he was little, but somehow he ended up with a permanently angry face in his later years. Garfi gives you the impression that nothing you do will ever manage to satisfy him. In truth, however, he is one of the sweetest kitties ever. He tolerated everything for the cute photos that you’re looking at. That is pretty remarkable for a cat this angry!

Garfi lives in Turkey with his owner Hulya Ozkok, his big family, and other cat friends. His look by no means makes him less lovable.

More info: Flickr | Getty images