Just 28 Impossibly Cute Pictures Of Dogs Hanging Out With Cows

1.”Yeah, that’s the spot.”

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2.”I’m just gonna hit snooze one more time.”

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3. “Back up, I just met you.”

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class=”subbuzz__number”>4.”Hello, smol friend.”


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5.”If you’re not the one, then why does my snout fit yours this way?”


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6.”No offense, but you guys smell like a barnyard.”

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7.”Fight me!” “Stop, that tickles.”

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8.”Stand incredibly still and they won’t see us.”

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9.”Lean on me, when you’re not stroOOng!”

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10.”Don’t you dare tag me in this.”

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11.”Shh, maybe they won’t find us here.”

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12.”Let me kiss.” “No, that me eye.”

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13.”Should we boop? Let’s boop.”

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14.”I like your outfit.” “Thanks, you too.”


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15.”Can you come out and play?” “No, my mom says I have to stay inside.”

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16.”I’m outta here!”

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17.”You’re not from around here, are you?”


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18.”See, I’m taller than you.”


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19.”Yes, these are my cousins.”


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20.”Enchanté, mademoiselle.”

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21.”You shall not pass!”


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22.”I called shotgun bro!”

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23.”You’ve got something on your face. Here, let me help.”

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24.”I’ve gathered you all here to talk about a very important issue…”

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25.”Do…do I have to hang out with them?”

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26.”I told you, I’ve never lost a staring contest!”

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27.”Someone help. We’re not being cute, we’re stuck like this.”


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28.”What is that?” “I think it’s a floof.”


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Source : Buzzfeed