This Harley-Davidson Hybrid Motorcycle Is Also A Limousine—Wait, What?

If a motorcycle genie appeared and granted you one wish in the form of any Harley-Davidson bike you wanted, which one would you choose?

Perhaps you would opt for a fast and sporty V-Rod. Maybe you’d choose a luxurious trike with all of the bells and whistles. Or would you go for a sturdy Softail for long rides in the country? (Can you feel the wind blowing through your hair yet?)

Most of us would be pretty darn happy for the chance to call any of those hogs our own. The only problem with most motorcycles is that they only fit one or two passengers.

What are you supposed to do when you want the incomparable feeling of driving a motorcycle on the open road, but you also need to transport a group of friends? In that case, you would need this Harley-Davidson limousine. Yes, you read that right—and it’s a real thing.

But to clarify, we are not talking about a stretch Cadillac decked out in black with orange pinstripes. Nope. Not even close.

Harley-Davidson Limo Hybrid

The Harley-Davidson limo—which actually exists—is part motorcycle, part limousine and 100 percent eye-catching.

This hybrid combines a 2012 Harley in the front and an eight-person carriage in the back, which is more than merely a shell with seats.

The pearl white limo features everything you would expect in a luxury ride: a bar, a flat-screen television, a sound system, air conditioning, tinted electric windows, vertically opening doors and a rumble seat of sorts in the back, which allows a pair of passengers to perch in the open air while cruising.

Check out some of the cool features of this Harley limo in the video below:

Nearly 20 feet long, the bike-carriage crossbreed boasts 1.75 tons of steel, which is powered by a 5.7 liter, 350 HP V8 Chevy engine. So where do you get this dream machine?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply stroll into your local Harley-Davidson dealership and purchase your own limo bike. This custom-made machine  can be rented from a company called Wildfire Tours in Queensland, Australia. So, you’ll have to travel to the other side of the planet for the chance to experience this unusual limousine, but hey—if you’ve always wanted to visit Australia, this would be quite a memorable way to see the land down under!

Kansas City Limo

If a motorcycle-limousine tour of the Australian countryside isn’t in your budget, you may be able to take a similar ride a little closer to home. A gentleman named Smokey McGill of Kansas City, Kansas, built another Harley-Davidson motorcycle “limo” that is distinctive in its own right.

This one isn’t as much of a limo in the conventional sense—but it sure can accommodate plenty of passengers! Imagine rolling up to a party on this thing—with nine of your closest friends seated behind you!

This limo bike is 19 feet long, seats 10 passengers and is made from a Harley-Davidson DFT trike kit. It weighs 1,420 pounds, and in 2004, it set a record as the world’s longest motorcycle.

Watch this wild ride in action in the video below:

However, the Anaconda, as it is known, is neither for rent nor for sale. McGill has used the bike to help raise money for charity and has shown it at numerous events.

Credit: simplemost