Girl Notices Her Neighbor’s Halloween Skeletons Are Playing Out A New Scenario Every Day, And It’s Hilarious

It’s Halloween season and some people out there love going the extra mile to celebrate it. Even though most of us are too lazy to decorate our houses, there are some neighbors who take Halloween very seriously, and their effort helps the entire neighborhood get into the spirit of the holiday.


Recently, Twitter user Sami Campagnano took to social media to share a photo of neighbor’s front yard Halloween decorations, but there’s a twist, the skeletons constantly change positions, creating an entire story about a skeleton family living their day to day lives. Sami received a lot of attention online after sharing these hilarious images with people saying she has, without a doubt, the best neighbors ever. “I noticed my neighbors changing them a few days into October. I decided to post the photos about two weeks after noticing it. Maybe a little longer. I absolutely did not expect to receive this much attention. It is crazy. I have spoken to my neighbors and they are so happy and excited that what they have done has spread so much joy. They text me their own photos and videos every day now”, Sami told us.

Scroll down to see the skeletons yourself, and don’t forget to tell us how you’re decorating your house this year in the comments!