What does the ‘day’ of your birth reveal about your personality?

The dates, as well as the day of our birth, helps in building our personality traits. They are a good indicator of the people we are. So what does yours say about you?

Astrology is an ancient science and it provides deep insights into the personalities of people based on the day, date, and the time of their births. The day on which you were born plays a great role in determining your personality and they indicate, to a large extent, the qualities you may possess as a person.

The days, therefore, play an important role in determining the broader aspects of your personality while the individuality comes through your personal experiences, your knowledge, and your preferences. So what does your ‘day of birth’ say about you?

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#1 Monday


If you were born on a Monday then chances are that you are a person who is calm, gentle and has a creative side. You are someone who prefers being on your own and while you may be social at times, you prefer spending a lot of your time in your own company and with your own thoughts.

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You are the kind of person who values family the most and you may be extremely protective of those you love without being possessive. The fact that you spend a lot of time with your thoughts also means that you are empathetic and one of those rare people who can understand people without judging them. A rare but a gem of a quality to have.

#2 Tuesday


If you were born on a Tuesday then you are someone who is extremely driven, ambitious, and dedicated to your dreams. You are the kind of person who is full of energy when it comes to what you like, and your motivation comes from your own desire to excel at what you do.

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Further, you are the kind of person who does not take kindly to non-sense as you are straight-forward and honest in your approach. You have a high degree of integrity and your work reflects the drive of your personality. You may, however, be a bit sensitive to criticism but you do not mind those which help you become better. Your energy and drive rub off on others and that’s what makes you appreciated and loved.

#3 Wednesday


If you were born on a Wednesday, you may be the kind of person who likes living in your own world. You are slightly introverted but a deep thinker. You are a quick-learner and you are extremely good at adapting yourself to different situations. You take pleasure in what you do and your drive is towards perfecting yourself as a person.

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On the other hand, however, you may not be good at organizing things. Your intelligence and your mind are constantly at work and you juggle a million things in life which means that your things are scattered and unorganized. Your priority is your thoughts and not things. A thinker by nature, you may also be the kind who hates physical work while cherishing a mental challenge.

#4 Thursday


If you were born on a Thursday then you are someone who has an optimistic personality and you believe in the power of hope. You are one of the rare people who take the positives and try to make the best out of a bad situation. Your personality makes you flamboyant but your true test comes when you face a difficult situation and yet maintain your calm.

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The one aspect of your personality which makes you distinct is that you not only hope but you give hope to others. You listen to people when they speak to you, you try to understand them, and you help them build their lives back by focusing on the positives. You have this beautiful gift of giving happiness and you do so in the most selfless manner.

#5 Friday


If you were born on a Friday then you are the kind of person who is truly in touch with their inner-self. You are someone who knows their strengths and weaknesses. You understand what drives you on and what turns you off. This means that you are self-aware in a way few people are.

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Your belief in yourself also means that you do not take impulsive decisions and you are not quick to judge. You take a moment to reflect on things before coming to a decision and even when you feel confused, you know that you would eventually figure things out. Your sense of independence and self-belief is your biggest asset and the one which will always hold you in good stead.

#6 Saturday


If you were born on a Saturday then you are someone who is born to be a warrior and a survivor. You may have faced or you would face difficult choices in life but the inner warrior in you will strive to fight back. You would face battles in your life which may try to pull you down but there is a strength of your personality which will help you thrive.

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Your experience would be your greatest teacher and you would learn a lot as you go through and each of these incidences would build you stronger. You would know pain and struggle but you would fight back with equal strength and the people will be inspired looking at you, fight, with a smile on your face.

#7 Sunday


If you were born on a Sunday then you are someone who is generous, kind, warm, and with a heart of gold. You are someone who understands loyalty and honesty. You are driven by strong values which make you the person you are and it is your soul which stands proud and beautiful.

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It is one thing to love and quite another to love unconditionally and you belong to the latter group. You give without asking, you love without hoping, and you care without expecting. It the beauty of your complete personality which shines the brightest and warms even the souls of those who feel no hope.

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