We actually Dont Know What We Doing In Our Life

First of all different people has different routine.but to be honest majority live their life in the same way. get up early and go to work then meet with colleague . after a lot of laziness start their work. they dont have power or no in their will or they get off from their work and get chill at their home.because  they dont work from core of the heart.

Five finger are not equal some people know what are they doing and why.

Every people not live thier in same way but some  people live their live as they want.they ignore people ,they ignore the world and take step

So on the other hand the majority spend their day on same pattern

but  not every one else has gut. so they choose easy path. and live their according others suggestion.

They go to their work

these type of people go to work but they dont have any purpose. they reached office for just formality and work like machine

Finish work

they just try to finish their work for just to ran away

The negative output of the work

When you do something without attention you always get negative result

Thats why we are in stressed

and when we dont see any positivity in our life then we feel bad

We dont satisfy with our selves

and the feeling which we say satisfaction getting in our life vanish in our life

We always get bored or we try to escape from our work

because of unwanted routine and work we want out from cage and live our life. atleast just for a moment

We inspire from other and feel jealous.

we dont realize other people life and their story their we just see their comfort, luxuries  but dont want feel their pain

We irritated from inside

because of bad and dumb decision we always get bad result and gets hurt so we get irritated easily

The solution.

lets be our self. what god make us and why? lets focus our self and win and stay happy