7 Incredibly Amazing Water Parks in the United States

Aren’t you already tickled pink at the prospect of frolicking in water like a kid? How about braving a huge array of waterslides or enjoying an adrenaline rush on a thrilling water coaster. Imagine the sheer joy of catching smoothing waves on a relaxing wave pool. It’s the era of smart watches and cards for reserving spots, which means no long queues and endless waiting. From artificial beaches to gorgeous lagoons to the memorable adventures, water parks in the United States are an exciting, fun-filled destination for the entire family. Here’s our list of the top 7 incredibly amazing water parks in the United States. Get the kids ready and have a blast!

1. Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Water Park – Orlando, Florida

Seaworld’s Water Park promises endless hours of fun and frolic under the sun in a nice, balmy weather. Enjoy close encounters with adorable underwater creatures. The main draw here? Undoubtedly, Dolphin Plunge. A couple of slides take visitors in a pool filled with Commerson’s Dolphins. Can it get any cuter than that? Once you’re done fishing with these amiable creatures to your heart’s content, enjoy over 40 park slides, sprawling rivers, blue lagoons or simply relax on the lazy beach. Other than this one at Orlando, the park has two other locations at San Diego, CA and San Antonio, TX.

2. Universal’s Volcano Bay – Orlando, Florida

You are guaranteed to be enchanted by the deep turquoise waters, palm fringed walkways and the mammoth 200-feet Krakatau volcano as soon as you walk inside Universal’s Volcano Bay. Challenge yourself on its varied waterslides (ranging from mildly thrilling to downright fearful) or enjoy the ride of a lifetime in the Krakatu. For craving an adrenaline rush can try the Aqua Coaster (not for the faint hearted!), while the less intrepid lot can opt to catch the Waturi Beach waves. All guests are given a TapuTapu wearable that resembles a smart watch so you don’t have to wait endlessly in long queues.

3. Holiday World’s Splashin’ Safari

Rejoice, this is probably the most value for money deal you can get in any waterpark across the United States. Their unbeatable one price entry ticket offers you an entire day of water park fun (think a nice collection of slides, raft adventures, wave pools and child- friendly play zones), along with entry to the adjoining theme park. The mammoth theme park is divided into multiple holiday themes such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween. A haven for daredevils, Holiday World features the planet’s largest water coasters at 1,763 foot and 1,710 foot known as the Mammoth and Wildebeest respectively. Fancy complimentary soft drinks and sunscreen? You get it here.

4. Water World – Federal Heights, Colorado

When the weather is nice and balmy, the skiing stops and families make way to the Water World, known for its racing slides, super gigantic wave pools and themed roller coasters. Since the kids will anyone demand a second trip in the memorable adventures destination, you may want to consider buying a two-day pass for added savings. Don’t miss the Voyage to the Center of the Earth, a thrilling raft ride, that’s more like a roller coaster with sudden plunges, spirals and hold your breath – unexpected dinosaur appearances.

5. Disney Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks – Orlando,Florida

What else can you expect from the masters of story-weaving and imagination? Explore both attractions with a single entry ticket. Start with the Surf Pool at Typhoon Lagoon, touted to be the continent’s biggest wave pool. Next, try Miss Adventure Falls, an action- packed white-water rafting adventure. Just when you begin to think you’ve already had your fill of adventure, head to Blizzard Beach (the park’s most sought after attraction) for the Summit Plummet adventure. Climb atop Mt. Gushmore, and then plunge down the 350-feet slide for a memorable experience.

6. Great Wolf Lodge, Multiple Locations Across the United States

If you have more than a day to spend, this would be an ideal family weekend holiday destination. With multiple locations across the country, Great Wolf has a fantastic in- house water park reserved for its guests. This means no endless waiting in mammoth queues to enjoy your favorite rides. Lesser crowds mean more fun in the 84-degree pool or one it’s several slides.

7. Noah’s Ark Water Park – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

What else can you expect from the planet’s unofficial water park capital but an imagination defying experience. Sprawling over 70 acres of land, this attraction is filled with a multitude of experiences. Enjoy the thrilling drops of the Black Aanconda (a quarter mile lone water coaster) or hop on the Scorpion’s Tail slide (yes, you’ll be in a gravity-defying upside down position). Once you’ve had your share of the plunges, head to the 4-D dive theatre and games arcade.

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