5 Reasons Why Legs Cramp And How To Get Rid Of The Pain

Most of the people suffer from cramp while sleeping at night we have some come up with some reasons and remedies to get rid of cramps.

Here are some of the reasons of leg cramps.

1. Reasons and risk factors

There are many reason and risk factors of getting cram in the night some of the particular reasons are Overexertion of the leg muscles, sitting for an extended period, sitting inadequately, standing for a long time, and working on concrete floors.

2. Some medical conditions

If you are suffering from any medical condition like alcoholism, pregnancy, dehydration, neuromuscular disorders, Diabetes, Flat Feet, Parkinson’s disease, statins, diuretics, beta agonists, you can have chance of being craped.

3. Prevention for nocturnal leg cramps

The main cause for getting leg cramp is dehydrations to avoid these cramps make sure you drink enough liquid.

4. Treatments for leg cramps

There are several ways to treat your leg cramps some of these are mentioned below.

  • Place a heating pad on the area affected.
  • Use horse chestnut, because it has been proven to improve blood flow in the body.
  • Take a warm, relaxing bath before going to bed and release the tightness from the muscles.
  • Make sure you consume enough magnesium and potassium because the lack of these minerals can cause leg cramps.
  • Avoid wearing high heels and stretch legs before going to bed.

5. What to do when cramps occur

Here are some of the remedies or tips for you if you get cramped do these things.

  • Massage with circular motions on affected area.
  • Take a tablespoon of yellow mustard.
  • Try to shake your legs and walk around.
  • Sit on the floor, extend your legs in front of you and flex your feet at the ankles. Then, point your toes toward your knees and pull your feet in order to get a better stretch.