These 28 Psychological Tricks Are So Easy, You’ll Probably Want To Try Them On The Next Person You Meet

There is no shortage of books and psychology articles with tips on how to use body language to achieve success. But let’s be real – no language trick will make your date instantly fall in love with you, or your dream company hire you. However, there are some psychological tricks that are so easy, you can use them every day. What can you gain from these tips? Well, you could appear more confident than you really are and that is a great start.

One internet user compiled a list of fun and easy psychological tricks that you can try for yourself. Take a look at these twenty short tips below and tell us in the comments whether you’ve used any of them before.


#1 Learn Things With Ease

#2 Find Out Who’s Watching You

#3 Make Them Go Easier On You

#4 Stop Procrastinating

#5 Do A Little Experiment

#6 Spot Office Romances

#7 Make Them Agree With You

#8 Appear Friendlier

#9 Drop Name-Bombs

#10 Get The Information You Need

#11 Stop Worrying Before An Event

#12 Listen To Classical Music While Studying

#13 Kill The Annoying Earworm

#14 Mind Your Feet

#15 Tackle Eye Contact Anxiety

#16 Make Your Kids To Finally Eat Vegetables

#17 Fake A Smile

#18 Alleviate Motion Sickness

#19 Learn Wiser

#20 Ask For Favors

#21 Walk Through Busy Streets More Easily

#22 Ask Someone To Help You Without Saying A Word

#23 Don’t Be The Middle Guy

#24 Win Rock, Paper, Scissors

#25 Make Bonding Easier

#26 Drop The Annoying Habit

#27 Appear Wiser

#28 Memorize Your Grocery List Easily