22 Masterminds Who Hilariously Cracked the System

To “think outside the box” is a phrase that we use when we speak about someone who thinks creatively and freely or who looks at a problem from a new perspective. A new unconventional approach can help you solve any problem you face and here is some photographic evidence of that.

1. It’s not silly as long as it works!

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2. Why spend a fortune on a surf board?


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3. When your neighbor refuses to be your head rest:

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4. “No need to get a truck. I can handle it.”


5. Spend hours at the gym trying to tone your abs? There’s a simpler solution!

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6. He’s a genius!

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7. “Nothing will prevent me from watching the game.”

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8. Making shopping fun!

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9. When you finally realize what this is for:

When you finally realize what this is for. #mypeople

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10. When your family is that big:

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11. DIY Christmas decorations

Merry Christmas Ya'll! #mypeople

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12. Innovative protective goggles

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13. When you have a coffee maker but don’t drink coffee:

14. An even tan and peaceful reading

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15. Why not wash it all at once?

16. When you want to sip champagne right in the shower:

17. No tire? No problem!


18. If the shoe fits!

If the shoe fits! #mypeople

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19. Why not?


20. Fancy toothbrush AirPods

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21. A flexible gas can from the future

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