21 Epic Cases When Renovations Were Finished With “Whatever” (Spoiler: Facepalm Guaranteed)

We’ve all had an experience with trying to fix something. Many of us remember this as a scary time. But not these brave and resourceful guys. As it turns out, you can use a hole punch to make an additional hole in your belt.

“I, too, like to live dangerously.”

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“I like the way the owner fixed his cracked bumper with zip-ties!”

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When you don’t need fancy tools to install a door knob:

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“Okay, guys. That’s good enough.”

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A comfortable shower is a good start to any day.

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This is what you do to avoid direct air flow

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When a dead battery is not a good reason to stop:

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Why finish the building? Why keep the same color?

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When you want to wash your hands on the road:

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When you asked someone to fix the wall but forgot to tell them to make it look nice:

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That awkward moment when the door didn’t fit:

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Nice barbecue

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Who said a LAN cable is only good for the internet?

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Now paint it and it’s as good as new!

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It looks like this guy might have a bicycle.

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When you literally want to sing while you’re driving:

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How do you like this AC?

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Why pay more when it looks almost the same?

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When you thought it was a great idea but you didn’t calculate it right:

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Perfect window size

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When a computer guy decides to fix a microwave oven:

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