20 People Who Could Get Out of a Deal With the Devil Himself

The idea of making a deal with the devil comes from the story of Faust. Basically, it’s something you can’t get out of — if you lack the creativity of the people on this list, that is.

It looks like a tube, so it should work like a tube…

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An elegant way of getting out of a situation:

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An easy and efficient way to inflate your inflatables this summer:

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A mechanical approach

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A “no metal was around” kind of bike

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“Asked my son to box his leftover mac n’ cheese at the restaurant. Not sure if he’s stupid or a genius.”

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“The microwave sensors shut off, so my dad made this on/off switch.”

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“My engineer degree is showing.”

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“No corkscrew? I got you, comrades!”

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One heck of a cocktail!

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Use the provided seal as a funnel.

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Hotel curtain won’t stay closed? No problem.

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“Babe, I fixed it.”

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Need to sneak a bottle in somewhere?

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“I’m in the mood for pancakes.”

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“Turkish coffee in our day”

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A solo cup’s lid locks onto its bottom to become a coaster.

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Opening those pesky keychains

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Handy little toaster

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If it fits — it sits!

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