20 Foolish Things That Caught Our Eye and Now We Can’t Figure Out If They’re Stupid or Genius

We live in a free world. Anyone can do anything. This is the true era of celebrating ideas. But sometimes creativity can go a little bit too far.

Is there peanut butter inside?

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Thanks for the explanation.

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Is that a car? No! Is that a motorcycle? No!

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Nice try!

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Actual beer goggles

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That hair!

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This doesn’t look safe.

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Looks like someone wanted to be a sculptor, not a butcher.

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Eat, Play, Love

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A good place to hide your phone from a girlfriend

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Should guests press it with their foot?

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Doth Mother know you weareth her carpet?

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Men and makeup

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Equal rights for all types of apples!

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I don’t want to put my feet in there.

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Parking place holder

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T. Rex, is that you?

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For princesses only

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Back to school?

SPRING SUMMER 18 @spacemue @nstone8

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Take my money. Give me brie!

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