15 Most Spectacular Trees in the World

It’s nearly impossible to compile a list of the world’s best trees when there is an amazing array of spectacular trees all over the planet. They aren’t just decorative elements that look good and beautify our spaces. Trees also convert carbon dioxide gas into oxygen to help us breathe fresh air. Whether you are a tree hugging gypsy or someone who just admires the gifts nature, there gorgeous, beautiful and unique trees are the perfect natural inspiration for the soul. Enjoy a breath of fresh, oxygenated air while to explore the wonders around you. Here is a list of some of the planet’s most spectacular trees.

1. Flamboyant Tree, Brazil

Well, in a country where everything is flamboyant, there’s just no stopping the gorgeous flamboyant tree (botanical name delonix regia) from flourishing. Though the tree is indigenous to Madagascar, it thrives in several tropical regions around the world. The fern leaves combined with flaming orange flowers makes it a visual treat for the senses.

2. Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany

The thriving passageway of cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany is worth witnessing during springtime in March and April. The entire street comes alive with a bunch of blooming cherry trees forming a tunnel, where you can grab a bunch of lovely Instagram-worthy pictures.

3. Dragonblood Trees

This fascinating tree has derived its name from its deep red colored sap. The sap is popularly used for dying cloth and varnishing surfaces. The tree is also known to be a one-stop remedy for a variety of ailments in addition to be a wonderful alchemical ingredient.

4. Rainbow Eucalyptus in Kauai, Hawaii

The one of a kind Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is something you have probably never seen before. With vividly colored barks that resemble a rainbow, this South Pacific botanical wonder is both attractive looking and useful. It is known for its bark as well as pulpwood, which is derived for paper making.

5. Dark Hedges in Ireland

Planted in the 18th century, this gorgeous beech tree passageway featured in the Game of thrones for its spectacular visual appeal. The old-wordly and post-card perfect street is one of Northern Ireland’s most picturesque locations. Tourists, especially photography enthusiasts, flock here for the perfect shot in bright sunlight. It is also a popular backdrop for wedding shoots.

6. Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa

The beautiful, blooming violet Jacarandas with its vibrantly hued flowers primarily grow in South Africa. Splendid bursts of foliage can be found between structures, in parks and walking alleys. Gardens, homes, pathways and vehicles in the region are often enveloped in violet snow.

7. Baobabs In Madagascar

The baobabs in Madagascar are useful for collecting water resources in the stout trunks for using during droughts. The Avenue of Baobabs is a cluster of baobab trees dotting the street between Morondava and Belon in western Madagascar. The stunning landscape attracts travelers and photographers from all over the planet. It is also a hub of conversation initiatives in the community.

8. Avenue of Oak Trees in Dixie Plantation in South Carolina

College of Charleston made plans to make the plantation more accessible to the public at large, when this picturesque avenue became the hotspot for a nature trail, heirloom garden and studio renovation back in 2012. This is a perfect backdrop for your travel social media images and blogs.

9. Wind-Swept Trees in New Zealand

The wind-swept trees on the southern end of New Zealand grow at a particular angle since they are forever pushed by intense Antarctic winds. They look swept an
d inclined towards one side owing to the natural phenomenon. Even in the intensely harsh conditions of Slope Point, a natural creation of extraordinary beauty can in found in New Zealand.

10. 144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan

Spread across half an acre, the sprawling wand large wisteria is the biggest of its type in Japan. Witness the beauty of these glorious growths at sundown when the evening sky is lit with glistening splashes of pink blossoms. Nestled in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, this isn’t the largest Wisteria on the planet. Though these look like massive trees, they are similar to vine plantations. Bask under its soothing canopy or allow the pink-purple tree light to be cast upon you while you take Instagram happy clicks.

11. Antarctic Beech Draped In Hanging Moss in Oregon

The Antarctic Beech is indigenous to Argentina and Chile, though this specific specimen is a native of the North Pacific region. The emerald pathway is draped by lush, hanging moss growths in the entire region, making it the perfect backdrop for photo shoots and nature photography. Photographers from all over make a beeline for this place owing to its rugged yet ornate appeal.

12. Angel Oak in John’s Island In South Carolina

The Angel Oak, housed in South Carolina is a 20 meter tall growth that is calculated to be 1500 years old. Yes, incredible but true. It dates back a thousand years. Looking straight out of a story book, the tree is one of the most ancient organisms on the eastern end of River Mississippi. Its biggest branch is known to be a staggering 187 feet. The tree has survived plenty of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. It recovered from Hurricane Hugo after being damaged, and continues to grow. The magnificent tree has an equally beautiful lesson for all of us about overcoming the obstacles of life and growing.

13. 125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” In Canada

This may not technically qualify as a tree but the 125+ year old Rhododendron tree in Canada can easily be mistaken for one with its heavily volume appearance and bright pink hue. It is actually a collection of shrubs that can pass off as a tree. The most fascinating part about the tree? It is a 125 years old growth that is a landmark for many. Go looking for it on Google maps.

14. Japanese Maple in Portland Oregon

The Japanese Maple tree has become synonymous with natural beauty in Portland Oregon. With innumerable cultivars, these growths are known for their unusual foliage and easy maintenance. They fit in compact spaces and act as a stunning focal point for a landscape. Their roots occupy very little space, which is why they are a much sought after choice when it comes to chic landscaping options.

15. Giant Sequoia Tree in California

Housed in National Park, California, the tree stands tall at 93 feet, and is the world’s third largest sequoia tree, a conclusion arrived at by counting its branches and trunk rings. Breathtakingly huge in size, this is a must see for photographers and botanical enthusiasts.

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