12 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. We cannot think about a day without these smartphones. There are many features of smartphones without which it would be difficult to live our lives in present scenarios. The useful features of smartphones include things like calculators, rulers, watches, recorders, and music players. The smartphone hacks are also something which are useful for everyone. Some of them are so useful that it will amaze you. One will be surprised to know the benefits of these smartphone hacks. These smartphone hacks are something which will definitely come handy for people. Here is a list of many smartphone tricks which will be helpful for you.

1 Measuring tapes

When you feel the need to measure something at home, you always search for measuring tapes. But, measuring tapes are not always found at home. There are instances when we do not find measuring tapes at home. At this point, you should access to the app SizeUp. With this app, you can measure anything using your camera phone.

Measuring tapes
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2 Check the battery of remote control

When you feel the need to check whether the battery of remote control is out of power, you can pull your smartphone out as it will help you. Then, open the camera app in your smartphone. Put your remote control in the direction of the smartphone camera. Then, push any button on the remote control. If there is red sign on the camera, then it means that infrared signal is working and you need to change the battery.

Check the battery of remote control
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3 Voice commands

Voice commands are very important features that smartphones have. You will be amazed to know that you can actually use your phone without touching it. This feature is useful when your hands are dirty, or busy. You can also use this feature when you simply do not want to use the smartphone with hands.

Voice commands
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4 Hudway app

While all the above smartphone hacks were about convenience, this one is about safety. There is a Hudway app available on your smartphone which helps you in driving your car safely. With the help of Hudway app, you can project the phone’s screen on the windshield. It also helps you to get an idea about driving speed and GPS enabled map.

Hudway app
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5 Mighty Text

If you have struggled with the problem of dying battery when you are waiting for important message on the phone. You can actually sync your phone with computer and tablet by using the apps like Mighty Text. With this feature, you can actually manage your SMS and MMS from the email.

Mighty Text
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6 An app to help you in making decisions

If you are one of those persons who find it difficult to make decisions, then this app is certainly for you. This app helps people in making their decisions. The app is called Decision Crafting and it is also very easy to use. You are only required to name your options, set characteristics and allow the app to frame the best possible advice for you.

An app to help you in making decisions
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7 B Safe app

If you are among people who constantly need to travel at late hours in night, then this app is made for you. The app is called BSafe and it is very helpful for people who feel unsafe travelling at night. The app has the facility to send SOS message to emergency contacts, record audio and video, track GPS location. It also has a time which is capable of sending an alarm to friends when it is not turned off in time.

BSafe app
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8 Chrome Remote Desktop

There are many screen mirroring apps which are helpful in sharing videos from phone or sharing vacation pictures. They are quite useful and they are available in many forms in the market.

Chrome Remote Desktop
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9 Double charging speed of battery

We all know that charging the battery of smartphone is a big pain. Charging phones are required and it is quite useful when charging process speeds up. Everyone knows that charging a battery while the smartphone is switched off increases charging speed. You can also put your phone on Airplane mode. All the network will be stopped and it will boost the charging speed.

Double charging speed of battery.
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10 Get a Recycle Bin

The smartphones does not have the facility of Recycle Bin just like desktop computers and laptops. Once you delete any item on smartphone, it is gone forever. To get the facility of Recycle Bin, you can download an app called Dumpster which works just like Recycle Bin on your Android mobile.

Get a Recycle Bin.
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11 Camera can be used as spectacles

When you have just forgotten to take your spectacles while going out, you can actually see a long-distant object with the help of your smartphone camera. You can use zoom feature to see the objects lying in long distance.

Camera can be used as spectacles.
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12 Magical night lamp

Power cuts are quite common in many countries and to cope with it you can actually use your smartphone. In such a scenario, use your flashlight. Put a bottle full of water near the flashlight and you can see the room getting illuminating with it.

Magical night lamp.
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