10-year-old Cat Showed Up on Porch, Hiding His Paws From Everyone Until Someone Offered Help

An elderly cat named Buster showed up at the porch in Ontario, New York, meowing for help. A family living there saw the feline hanging out with his paws all tucked in. The kitty was just sitting there, hiding his paws like he was trying to protect them. The woman immediately realized he had some leg injury and he needed help.
This kitty need veterinary care so they took him to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester so Buster could begin daily treatment and have a chance at a better life.
Buster is very gentle and affectionate. He was very patient and never complained. After a few weeks of treatments, his paws are healing very nicely. His paws are feeling so much better, and soon, he will be ready to find a family. Buster came to the shelter with worried eyes and a wish that he could find a new lease on life.
This is amazing story. You can see these pictures of Buster- this kitty hiding his paws below!

Meet Buster, an elderly cat showed up at the porch meowing for help.

Every step he took was putting him in pain.

The sweet ginger boy began daily treatments at Lollypop Farm.

“He is gentle and affectionate, and definitely a purrer. His paws are healing very nicely”

Buster was wearing a pair of mittens to protect his paws and help him heal.

“Buster did have a habit of removing his mittens, probably because his paws were itchy!”

Today, Buster got his cone off and he felt great!

The sweet ginger boy is loving all the attention and head scratches.

You can see the love and happiness in his eyes 🙂

His paws are feeling so much better, and soon, he will be ready to find a family. Almost two months after the rescue, Buster was adopted!