10+ Pics That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere

According to researchers, it has been concluded that cats on average need 12-16 hours of sleep each day, so this does not come as a surprise that your cat frequently doses off during the day.We have compiled this list of pictures of cats sleeping almost literally everywhere. They will fulfill their need of sleep no matter what place they have to do it at. Cupboard? YES! Bucket? of course. Food Bowl? Bring it on.

Do you own a cat who sleeps in the craziest of places? Drop your pictures below and tell us about it!

#1 Look at this cat packed inside a carton!

#2 Sleeping while stuck between two pipes.

#3 Shoe keeps me warm!

#4 Between the books!

#5 On the couch!

#6 In his pocket!

#7 In this cup!

#8 Under the leaf so the sunlight doesn’t reach me.

#9 “Go away! Let me sleep.”

#10 Imagine if somebody closes this door.

#11 Can you sleep like this? Such talent.

#12 “Sleeping is our hobby.”

#13 Look at this cat sleeping on couch in this weird position.

#14 Hats off!

#15 Mommy and its kitties sleeping peacefully.