10+ Photos Proving That Cats Were Sent From Heaven To Put A Smile On Your Face

You may like them, you may not like them (but if so, why are you even here?), but cats have changed many people’s life. They are here to provide us company, affection, and tons of fun! While it is true that raising a cat has its up and down, once you have them around, you will not regret!

Below are some photos that show the lovable and hilarious moments of the domestic felines. Enjoy them and enjoy your day!

#1 I’m not saying that my dog should have more respect for the cat but…

#2 Have you seen this ornament?!

#3 The paper shredder needed some rest.

#4 A cat flowing down a sofa.

#5 My boyfriend’s dad’s cat is really letting himself go.

#6 Dressed for the weather.

#7 My cat got a styrofoam ball stuck to his nose… needless to say, he was not amused.

#8 Photoshoots with cats ain’t easy.

#9 Waiting for breakfast.

#10 My pervert cat is watching my girlfriend take a shower.

#11 There was a ladybug on the ceiling.

#12 The world’s most interesting lamp according to 5 cats, a stuffed pig and 2 guys on the TV.

#13 This kitty seems angry…

#14 We got our cat a new scratching post. Something tells me he’s happy with it.

#15 I’m a shopkeeper and this is my shop cat. She’s a little… different.

#16 Don’t know if I got a bat or a cat…

#18 There are 5 beds and about 10 comfy chairs in this house. So naturally, my cat would sit here.

#19 Don’t ask questions. I am plant.

#20 Comfort level: cat

#21 An attempt to escape the vet.

#22 My cat likes to sleep in grocery bags hanging from doorknobs.

#23 Wife and I just had our first kid and the cat is feeling sad and neglected. She is now taking desperate measures for attention.

#24 Saw this cat fueling up off of the interstate. They’ve clearly got the essentials and are not looking back.

#25 Look at me, I’m the fish meow.

#26 My wife and my cat.

#27 Yep, she’s comfy.

#28 The way my weirdo cats both sit on this armchair together.

#29 Camping with the cat.

#30 “Goodbye, Mufasa. I’m King now.”