10 People Who Absolutely Won Halloween

Back in the old days, Halloween costumes were worn so ghosts and spirits would think you were ‘one of them’ and not bother trying to haunt you. Pretty clever right?


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These days however, Halloween costumes have morphed into anything and everything you could possibly imagine, and are as likely to be ‘sexy’ as scary. Still looking for last minute inspiration? Well, these costumes, compiled in a list by Bored Panda, are seriously creative and you probably won’t have time to pull them off. The ideas though… They show you that if you think outside of the box and are clever about it, the possibilities are literally endless! So get scrolling and start thinking!

#1 My Super Adorable Headless Maya

#2 My Grandpa And Dog

#3 I Am The Pumpkin King!

#4 Our Daughter, Claire, Dressed Up As Grandma Completed With A “Granny” Style Clothes, Homemade Wig, Pearls And A Walker Built By Daddy. Claire Walks Well


#5 Halloween Is Christmas For Us Amputees

#6 Halloween Costume Made From Halloween Decorations

#7 Picasso Painting Halloween Costume

#8 My Wife Have Been Waiting For This Halloween Since We First Heard We Were Having Twin Girls

#9 Frodo!

#10 I Think My Aunt Nailed This Hocus Pocus (Bette Midler) Halloween Costume