10+ Eye-Opening Photos for People Who Think They’ve Seen Everything

Sometimes, it seems that there are an infinite number of amazing and unexpected things in the world: farmers have giant carrots and pumpkins, mummies have passports for traveling, and it’s possible to find $500,000 in cash in a dumpster.

We have  found 25 perfect reasons for not only amazing you but also to help you learn more.

The claw of a juvenile Crowned Eagle

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These are fully inflated horse lungs.

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In 1974, the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II was issued a valid Egyptian passport (nearly 3 millennia after his death), so that he could fly to Paris.

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This is what noodles look like when it’s −60°C outside.

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Yes, these are separately packed grapes.

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You can find these types of sinks in Germany. They are for people who drank too much.

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When the plane won’t fit

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“Sink/stove/fridge combo in the tiny house I’m renting”

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Just a photo of an albino deer, sneezing

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It’s the largest pumpkin grown in North America!

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This carrot weighs 22 lbs.

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Someone decided to throw away hundreds of buttons.

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This bathroom sink is made of igneous rock from volcanic lava.

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47 years ago, the crew of Apollo 15 took this photo of the Earth from the moon.

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This yogurt provides a list of all the cows whose milk was used to make it.

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