10+ Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

Cat is known to be one of the most dramatic animals to have ever appeared on the face of this earth. Well, to be honest, I have never seen any other animal competing with cats in this department. We have compiled these hilarious timely-taken pictures of cats reacting dramatically to the situation they’re in. From sitting in an Over-speeding car to watching somebody eating their icecream, cats have expressed their hearts out through their facial expressions, which are pretty dramatic yet cute and funny! Enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

#1 “Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t do anything!”

#2 “You have a new pet now, go play with it. Leave me alone.”

#3 “You can’t just get away with eating my food that easily! Come back here!”

#4 “Where is my food?”

#5 My cat while watching an airplane.

#6 “You almost killed me!!”

#7 “Ate everything!!”

#8 My cat hating his attention being divided now…

#9 “Open this door! It’s raining outside!”

#10 “Aha! Found you birdiee!”

#11 My neighbor’s cat trying to get hold of my goldfish!

#12 “Give me food. Please?”

#13 “You just woke me up…”

#14 Fell asleep while watching TV.

#15 My cat after done with trying everything to seek my attention.

#16 When I overspeed.

#17 My cat waiting for the food like…

#18 My cat’s expressions everytime I give him a bath.

#19 When I was watching a horror TV show.

#20 Stretching out a little.