10+ Cats With Their Adorable Mini Versions

Cats are known as serious and evil animals but in actual they are really sweetand cute creatures when it is about their kittens. They can be really protective about their babies just like humans care for their newborns. These mommy cats with their little munchkins prove that every mother is proud of her babies.

Although the mother cats are very caring and protective but in some cases they reject their kittens and don’t care at all. This happens when their litter is too big or kittens have birth defects; also when the mother is going through some stress. It is essential for kittens to spend their early days with their moms as they learn a lot of important lessons from their mother. But after two weeks, make sure to socialize your kittens.

#1 The family of fluffy cat nuggets.

#2 Look at this cat with her little cutie pie.

#3 Same cat with its mini version.

#4 And this little fluffy kitty.

#5 Adorable bonding between father and son.

#6 Meet these Matryoshka Cats posing beautifully.

#7 Little kitten has got same habits from mommy.

#8 Like mother like daughter.

#9 Look at this cat with her mini version.

#10 Beautiful features of both mother and daughter.

#11 What a pose!

#12 This little bundle of happiness.

#13 This missy posing with her mini me.

#14 Mommy hugging her little kitty.

#15 Momma cat with her baby kitty.

#16 OMG a lot of mini versions.

#17 Such adorable relation between a kitty and her mommy.

#18 Mommy Lilith with her little cutie pie Starshine.

#19 Looks like a kitten is growing from the cat’s belly.

#20 Baby got the same anger from momma.

#21 Look at this Highland tiger with her baby kitty.

#22 Adorable expression momma Thais and baby Thais.

#23 The angry cat and kitten.

#24 Meet Acela and Gingerginza.

#25 Momma with her mini version.

#26 Meet Xiaoniu and his mother.

#27 Father and son posing for a pic.

#28 The little kitty.

#29 Adorable mothers love.

#30 The cat and mini version in snuggling action.