10 Awesome Airports You Would Be Happy to Get Delayed In

Every one of us at least once in our lifetime has been tortured by endless hours of waiting for connecting flights at the airport. However, not all airports are equally as boring.


We gathered a list of the best airports ever that you’ll never become bored in. Just be sure not to miss your flight!

1. Singapore Changi Airport

A waterfall and an indoor garden

A butterfly garden

© Changi Airport

4-story slide

© Changi Airport

An orchids garden in the terminal 2 transit

© Changi Airport / Facebook

2. Incheon International Airport

An indoor garden

A hidden relaxing, chilling space

3. Tokyo Haneda Airport

A flower garden

© Haneda Airport International Terminal / Facebook

4. Hong Kong International Airport

An aviation museum

© Hong Kong International Airport / Facebook

© Hong Kong Airport

A site for flash mobs

5. Hamad International Airport, Doha

A glass swimming pool

© Hamad International Airpot / Facebook

6. Vancouver Airport

An aquarium

© Vancouver International Airport / Facebook

7. Munich International Airport

Surf and turf

© Michael Dalder / Reuters

An ice rink

© Bernd Ducke / Munich Airport

8. Wellington International Airport

A Lord of the Rings themed airport

9. Adolfo Suárez Airport, Madrid

Unique architecture

10. Kuala Lum Pur International Airport

A rain forest

Which airport would you like to visit first? Which activity do you find the most surprising? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Michael Dalder / Reuters , changi airport / facebook